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Dance for you Dinner

This Tues and next, October 21st and 28th, come join us at St. Paul's Ivy for Dinner and Dancing!

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesdeay and dancing with our special musical guests: Mike Dunn and Janet Muse, who will be playing live music for us!! (October 21 & November 11)

March 26 Dance Class

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Last night's dancing was enhanced marvellously by the presence of Mike Dunn on Fiddle and Janet Muse on the Piano, providing exceptional music for our class.

  • We started out with a ceilidh dance:
  1. Begins with couples facing one another in a circle around the room.
  2. Turn RH with the person across from you.
  3. Turn LF with your partner.
  4. Circle 4H round and back.
  5. Ladies Chain.
  6. Advance and retire
  7. Advance passing right shoulders to end facing a new couple.

Other Dances we practiced:

On the Quarter Deck (click the link for a fun video of this dance). Dance Description

Reel of the 51st Division

Argyle Strathspey

Shiftin' Bobbins

Deil Among the Taylors